The Ideal Candidate

A character driven, zany, thought provoking comedy web series which challenges our belief system of the human persona.

TIC follows the story of ‘Sue’ who is very keen to find a job but her dotty personality often gets between her and the ability to score a job – and when successful – fails to keep a job for very long. Set in a painfully mundane environment with all the predictable and conventional structures that an office environment holds – is an idiosyncratic and eccentric character lacking in convention and common sense. TIC is both hilarious and thought provoking, edgy and at times uncomfortable. It aims to challenge our belief system of the human persona and what is perceived as normal.

It raises questions such as: Is it taboo to resent the conventional in our society? Are highly unconventional people considered mad? Or is it actually our too conventional and restrictive society that is mad? Is what we perceive as ‘normal’ a concept imposed onto us by an oppressive society that is not keen on anything askew from the conventional? Is it our inherent human need for approval that makes us conformists and essentially sheep? And do we only become truly free when we stop looking for approval? Are we compromising, not just our free and creative thinking, but also the will to express our unique personalities in the pursuit of approval?

Essentially, what is unusual about the main character Sue is that she does not need anyone’s approval and this lack makes it impossible to control her.

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