Stalking Daylight

Stalking Daylight follows Dresher, a young woman whose everyday life is turned upside down drawn when she is drawn into the conflict between the Nightstalkers and the Daylighters, The Earth has changed, and those inhabitants who worship dark technology are at odds with those, who live a life uncomplicated by the complexities of technology. As both societies face off, Dresher may be the only one that can save them both.

Stalking Daylight creates a visually striking world, where technology is now the opiate of the masses, and Dreshers realisations as she journeys to a place where technology is not worshipped has a strong message to our society today and the choices we face.

The writers, Marianne de Pierres and Lynne Jamneck are both published authors.

Stalking Daylight is a feature film.

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