Memory of Breathing

In the near future, the magnetic poles switch due to erosion of the earth’s magnetic field, reversing the direction of electrical current worldwide, and crashing all computers. Everything that relied on computers stopped working, most notably safeguards at biological research facilities. The global pandemic resulting from “The Crash” almost wiped out humanity.

New medical technology developed during the pandemic allows for Corpses can be bought back to a state of animation through the continued injection of a drug, with the main side effect being loss of most high-level brain function. This treatment is reserved for those committing capital crimes such as murder. Given the value of every life in the post Crash world, these crimes are punishable by execution with an added term of post-death labour to repay society for the life taken.

Little Rebekah Holyoake killed her brother, and is now a corpse. As an American, she transfers to the Australian prison system when her parents migrate. She arrives at a Corpse Work Compound that isn’t set up for nine year olds, especially for those who have kept their original personality when re-animated.

But her struggle to find a place for herself in this new post-death “life” is being threatened by interests from both within and outside the prison system. Her desire to improve soon earns her respect from the warden and his assistant. She meets challenges from the Right to Death lobby, other prisoners and even her parents, proving that she can succeed in a hostile environment. Holyoake will find her most dangerous challenge will come from the legal system itself, when the law that allows her to exist is challenged.

This project is a Feature Film.

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