Josephine is a young woman who is in the fight of her life, pitted against Amon – a suave, self-assured & malicious seducer, and Ash – her Armani-clad conscience.

In a battle to the death, where addiction is pitted against freedom, can a person survive?

Watch Perdition

Tasma Walton, Nathaniel Dean, Ashley Lyons
Director/Writer: Matt Carter
Producer: Donna Basserabie-Sennet
Co-Writer: Kathryn Barker

Finalist – Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, California, 2005
Finalist – Eyescream Short Film Festival, Australia, OCtober 2005
Finalist – Coogee Bay Arts Festival, NSW, Australia, February 2006
Finalist – Shepparton Film Festival, Victoria, Australia, March 2006
Screened – Chop Bin Sync, NSW, Australia, March 2006
Finalist – Newtown Flicks, NSW, Australia, April 2006
Screened – Caught Short, NSW, Australia, May 2006
Broadcast – The Glass Fishbowl, NSW, Australia, May 2006
Finalist – Angry Film Festival, Victoria, Australia, July 2006
Finalist – Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Victoria, Australia, July 2006
TV Licence – Mini Movie Channel Europe (pay channel), Europe, August 2007

Running Time : 6.32 minutes

© Copyright AFTRS 2005

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