Leonore’s Song

Yunyu is lost somewhere between 3D and 2D, the past and the present and life, death and the infinite. Part air, part water; somehow reduced to a storybook character stuck in photographic eternity, she seeks answers.

Over 16,000 digital photographs were taken in the making of this stop animation live action video. The video was shot entirely on Canon 5D digital stills camera. The result in an intriguing and strange fairy tale where nothing is as it seems.

Lenore’s Song is from JJJ Unearthed winner Yunyu’s debut album “Spiked Soul”.

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Musician: Yunyu
Director/Writer: Tahnee McGuire
Producer: Matt Carter

Broadcast – Rage, ABC National Broadcast, Australia, October 2006
Finalist – Sunscreen Film Clip Festival, Australia, December 2006
Winner – Golden Tripod National Award for Cinematography (Australian Cinematographers Society), Australia, May 2007
Broadcast – Music Jungle, Channel Nine National Broadcast, Australia, June 2007 Finalist
SOUNDKilda Film Festival, Australia, June 2007 Finalist
Flux iPod Film Fest, USA, June 2007
Winner – Conspiracy II Video Competition, New Zealand, June 2007

Running Time : 3:53 minutes

© Copyright Enchanter Pty Ltd 2006

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