Jerry is contemplating the impending high school formal, when he hears the sounds of Ruby & Dave, his mother and her new boyfriend, fucking.

At the formal, he sees Jade, a sixteen year old girl, leave a cubicle after having sex, and takes her home. Jade puts on one of Ruby’s dresses, and Jade and Jerry get together. The following morning, Ruby comes home to find Jerry and Jade in her bed…

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Jerry: Richard Wilson
Jade: Victoria Thaine
Ruby: Niki Owen
Writer/Director: Ben West
Producer: Matt Carter

Finalist – Cameraimage International Festival of the Art of Cinematography in Torun, Poland 2006 – Student Cinematography, Nicola Daley
Winner – GOLD AWARD – Student Cinematography Nicola Daley – ACS – Australia 2005
Finalist – St Kilda Film Festival, Victoria Australia June 2006
Best Actor – St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, June 2006 (Richard Wilson)
Screened – Fitzroy Shorts, Melbourne, Australia, July, 2007

Running Time : 12:52

© Copyright AFTRS 2005

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