32EE is the story of a thirteen year old, Nikki, who is determined to get rid of her breasts anyway she can.

She hits, punches, and straps them with bandages, until one day in maths class her worst nightmare comes true: her breasts start growing and just don’t stop until they reach EE.

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Featuring: Victoria Thaine, Niki Owen, Peter Millynn, Lisa Curry, Angela Curry, Jarrah Sexton
Writer, Director: Jedda Bradley
Producer: Matt Carter
Cinematographer: Nicola Daley
Sound Designer: Luke Mynott
Sound Recordist: Max Crawford
Editor: Christopher Mill
Production Designer: Kim Scott
Music Composer: Biddy Connor

Finalist – Harmony International Film Festival, 2005, Australia
Finalist – Tirana International Film Festival, 2005, Albania

Running Time : 8:16 minutes

© Copyright AFTRS 2004

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