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The Ideal Candidate

A character driven, zany, thought provoking comedy web series which challenges our belief system of the human persona.

TIC follows the story of ‘Sue’ who is very keen to find a job but her dotty personality often gets between her and the ability to score a job – and when successful – fails to keep a job for very long. Set in a painfully mundane environment with all the predictable and conventional structures that an office environment holds – is an idiosyncratic and eccentric character lacking in convention and common sense. TIC is both hilarious and thought provoking, edgy and at times uncomfortable. It aims to challenge our belief system of the human persona and what is perceived as normal.

It raises questions such as: Is it taboo to resent the conventional in our society? Are highly unconventional people considered mad? Or is it actually our too conventional and restrictive society that is mad? Is what we perceive as ‘normal’ a concept imposed onto us by an oppressive society that is not keen on anything askew from the conventional? Is it our inherent human need for approval that makes us conformists and essentially sheep? And do we only become truly free when we stop looking for approval? Are we compromising, not just our free and creative thinking, but also the will to express our unique personalities in the pursuit of approval?

Essentially, what is unusual about the main character Sue is that she does not need anyone’s approval and this lack makes it impossible to control her.


SERAPHIM is a fast paced, high impact fantasy/action feature film that focuses on Sera, a girl going to high school and surviving life in the inner city, unaware that she is the first Seraphim Angel created in two thousand years. When Sera’s existence becomes known, Jessica and Fenris, two Seraphim warriors from different sides of the great battle, are dispatched to secure her loyalty or kill her.

Sera’s life is torn apart when her Grandfather is attacked and killed by Fenris, an agent of the Nameless one. As she is hunted, she discovers that she is destined to become Seraphim, an immortal of great power – iIf she can survive that long!

Jessica is informed that Fenris, the only Seraphim Angel to fall from grace and enter the service of the Nameless One has entered our world. As Fenris is also Jessica’s former mentor, Jerssica allies herself with the planet’s surviving Norse gods to oppose Fenris. Fenris is set on wiping out humanity, and she needs to find and harness Sera to do it.

The story of SERAPHIM is a set in a universe that is a massive game of chess between two omnipotent beings, “The Creator” and “The Nameless One”. Unable to fight each other directly for fear of ripping the fabric of the universe apart, they battle through subordinates. These chess pieces are Seraphim Angels and Norse Gods who choose sides and battle for the right of humanity to exist on Earth.

In the dark hours between dusk and dawn in a modern city, battle will be waged over humanity’s fate. While the world sleeps, the greatest warriors and tacticians of an unwritten history will live and die to sway the decision of one young girl.

SERAPHIM focuses on Sera’s journey as she discovers who and what she is, suddenly becoming the central figure in a divisive war that had gone since creation. At the same time she is being given the power to be judge, jury and possible executioner of humanity.

The SERAPHIM project described above is a stand-alone feature film. We envision further productions on the back of a successful feature film. and have plotted a two-season television series to follow on from a successful feature film. These plans indiate the story and franchising potential, and complement SERAPHIM.


Memory of Breathing

In the near future, the magnetic poles switch due to erosion of the earth’s magnetic field, reversing the direction of electrical current worldwide, and crashing all computers. Everything that relied on computers stopped working, most notably safeguards at biological research facilities. The global pandemic resulting from “The Crash” almost wiped out humanity.

New medical technology developed during the pandemic allows for Corpses can be bought back to a state of animation through the continued injection of a drug, with the main side effect being loss of most high-level brain function. This treatment is reserved for those committing capital crimes such as murder. Given the value of every life in the post Crash world, these crimes are punishable by execution with an added term of post-death labour to repay society for the life taken.

Little Rebekah Holyoake killed her brother, and is now a corpse. As an American, she transfers to the Australian prison system when her parents migrate. She arrives at a Corpse Work Compound that isn’t set up for nine year olds, especially for those who have kept their original personality when re-animated.

But her struggle to find a place for herself in this new post-death “life” is being threatened by interests from both within and outside the prison system. Her desire to improve soon earns her respect from the warden and his assistant. She meets challenges from the Right to Death lobby, other prisoners and even her parents, proving that she can succeed in a hostile environment. Holyoake will find her most dangerous challenge will come from the legal system itself, when the law that allows her to exist is challenged.

This project is a Feature Film.

Stalking Daylight

Stalking Daylight follows Dresher, a young woman whose everyday life is turned upside down drawn when she is drawn into the conflict between the Nightstalkers and the Daylighters, The Earth has changed, and those inhabitants who worship dark technology are at odds with those, who live a life uncomplicated by the complexities of technology. As both societies face off, Dresher may be the only one that can save them both.

Stalking Daylight creates a visually striking world, where technology is now the opiate of the masses, and Dreshers realisations as she journeys to a place where technology is not worshipped has a strong message to our society today and the choices we face.

The writers, Marianne de Pierres and Lynne Jamneck are both published authors.

Stalking Daylight is a feature film.